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Single Channel Traffic Light System ZM-PGS-330

VEHICLE PRIORITY SYSTEM/Single Channel Traffic Light System 


  • Ideal for Entry/Exit Control.

  • Ideal for basement or one way drive through parkings.


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Why Our Vehicle Priority Sysem?


  • Solution for One Way Drivethrough Parkings
  • Solution for Basement Parkings
  • Can be combined with boom barriers for extra security
  • Can be combined with Access Control Modeules
  • Communication is wireless




  • In case of a basement parking, when a car enters the passage from the entry of the ground floor, the red lights both on the ground floor and the basement will be ON, and the green lights will be OFF. Any car entering or leaving is prohibited during the process till the car passes through the passage completely. When the passage is clear, the green lights will be ON again and allow other cars entering from the ground floor or the basement
  • In case of one way drive through, when a car from eitheir side enters, the lights on both the ends will turn to be red till that car is through. As soon as the car clears, the lights on both ends will turn green agan and the next car from either sides can pass through
  • The initial setting of traffic lights will be green lights ON and red lights OFF


Main Features

  • The latest 32bits ARM chip and embedded operating system are used
  • Integrated processor with two loop detector, work just need to connect to loop
  • Distinguish drive direction automatically
  • Distinguish continuous vehicle automatically
  • Right some wrongs automatically
  • Calculate available lots automatically 
  • GPRS-DTU module can be connected, which can upload data into city park guidance system 



  • Power Supply: AC 220V/100mA 
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
  • Applicable Speed: 5~80 kilometer/hour
  • Light interface: 220V AC solid-state relay
  • Detection Sensitivity: 0-9 grades (adjustable)
  • Max Vehicle Existential Time:3-255s (adjustable)
  • Visual range of Wireless network: 500M
  • CAN bus network range: 3Km (20K bps)
  • Max Passing Time in Red Light: 3-255s (adjustable) 

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