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All In One LED Solar Street Light PV2-Series


The solar street light is integrated with solar panel, led light, lithium iron phosphate baery, controller, constant current driver and luminaire housing. It is combined with mulple praccal control technology including photoelectric effect, constant current control, microcontroller, human infrared inducon. It can be used in the area without power gird


Range: 10W - 60 W

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  • Adopts MPPT charging method,which increases the ulizaon of solar panel
  • Lithium baery low temperature charging protecon, which effecvely protects the baery
  • Three inducon stages design. Working me can be set from 0h to 15hours, power range from 0~100%
  • Human infrared inducon or microwave inducon funcon for oponal, Factory default is infrared inducon
  • Sensive me delay can be set from 0s~250s
  • Record system status, can record 7days and monitor the whole system
  • Overheat protecon funcon, when the controller reaches a certain temperature, it will decrease or close the load
  • Working status indicaon, easy to maintain.



Garden, Residence, Courtyard Pedestrian and Branch Road Mine and Parking Lot.

Areas with no electrical supply

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