Modular Aluminium Die Casting LED Display (ZM-R480 Series)

  • Pixel Pitch: 3/3.75/4/5/6mm
  • Pixel Density: 11111-71111 dot/m2
  • Brightness: 1200-2000 CD/m2
  • LED Configuration: 1R1G1B SMD2020/SMD3528
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • Refresh Rate: ≥1920Hz
  • IP Rating (F/B): IP30
  • Cabnit Size: 480x480x75mm
  • Environmental: Indoor
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Modular Aluminium Die Casting LED Display (ZM-R480 Series)


Product Description:

ZM-R480 Series (P3.72/4/5/6MM) display is designed for indoor and outdoor LED display R & D leases.

Synchronous control system processing, accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV input signals, etc., free video, graphics, images, and Mao’s program in real time, synchronization, clear information dissemination play each kind of information, and can display 2D and 3D animation, video, TV, VCD programs, and live and so on.

As a new type of advertising display design makes stable, durable, easy to use, suitable for indoor stage, television and other application areas. Achieved without tools to quickly install and maintain, greatly expanding the use of the product areas. High production efficiency and lower operating costs.

ZM-R480 Series (P3.72/4/5/6MM) display the main features are as follows:

  • Integrated design: power and receiver card integrated in the control panel, no signal cable between the module and the power line, greatly improving the stability and reliability;
  • Stable circuit control technology, simple operation, easy maintenance;
  • Unique die-cast aluminum box structure, stable, durable, lightweight;
  • very “light, thin, dense” feature, in order to provide a greater realization of creative space;
  • accurate, fast and flexible installation location, can effectively respond to different application areas;
  • Deep gray scale processing technology, high-quality screen refresh, and create fantastic stage effects;
  • Easy maintenance: with power and signal work status self-check function, real-time display each product’s power and signal work status, when a product does not display screen, to help you quickly determine the problem quickly and make the appropriate repair measures;



  • Smallpitch series obtain high contrast and high gray scale, It can realize the HD and exquisite image.
  • Super thin and light weight (thickness :75mm  weight :7kg), easy to install and transport.
  • Aluminum die-casting cabinet, automatic  heat dissipation, and low power  consumption.
  • Seamless connection with high flatness and soft image .
  • Support point correction function, ensure the color and brightness consistency.
  • High RGB gray scan processing, colorful, vivid and clear viewing effect.
  • High stability and reliability with integrated circuit .
  • Accurate and fast installation with buckled cabinet design, which can be used in different application.
  • One case with multipurpose, product upgrading only need to change the module , low upgrade cost.
  • Buckle cabinet design makes it fast installation and dismantle, both for fixed installation and rental using.
  • Professional and standard air plug with high quality guarantee.



Indoor stage, TV studio, concert, theme park and exhibition where need quick installation and HD

Modular LED Display Panel Specifications

Part Number ZM-R480-3E ZM-R480-3 ZM-R480-4 ZM-R480-5 ZM-R480-6
 Pixel Pitch 3mm 3.75mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
 LED Configuration SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD3528 SMD3528
 Pixel Density 111111dot/m2 711111dot/m2 62500dot/m2 40000dot/m2 27777dot/m2
 Module Size 240x240x15mm 240x240x15mm 240x240x15mm 240x240x15mm 240x240x15mm
 Module Resolution 80x80dot 64x64dot 60x60dot 48x48dot 40x40dot
 Cabinet Size 480x480X75mm 480x480X75mm 480x480X75mm 480x480X75mm 480x480X75mm
 Cabinet Resolution 160x160dot 128x128dot 120x120dot 96x96dot 80x80dot
 Cabinet Weight 7.0kg 7.0kg 7.0kg 7.0kg 7.0kg
 IP Rating ( front/back) IP30 IP30 IP30 IP30 IP30
 Scanning Mode 20S 16S 15S 12S 10S
 Brightness Intensity 1200-1500CD/m² 1200-1500CD/m² 1200-1500CD/m² 1500-2000CD/m² 1500-2000CD/m²
 Viewing Angle (H/V) 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°
 View Distance >4m >4m >4m >5m >6m
 Gray Scale 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit 14bit
 Display Scale 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M 16.7M
 Max.Power Consumption 970 W/m² 780W/m² 730 W/m² 600W/m² 500 W/m²
 Ave.Power Consumption 323W/m² 260 W/m² 243W/m² 200 W/m² 167W/m²
 Refresh Frequency ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ
 Brightness Adjustment 0 – 100  levels adjustable
 Control Mode Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
 Support Input Composite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
 Operation Power AC100~240 50/60HZ
 Operating Temperature  – 20~+50
 Operating Humidity 10~90% RH
 Operating Life 100,000hours