Wireless 6 key touch RGB controller


Wireless 6 key touch RGB controller


Product Name:Wireless 6 key touch RGB controller

Craft materials:ironclad

Input Voltage:DC12V-24V

Power: 216W(12V) / 432W(24V)


1.Capacitance and wireless touch technology, no mechanical wear, overcoming the lifespan problems caused by Physical buttons.
2.Visible color wheel, touched by finger, then What you see is What you get.
3.Auto adaptation of 12-24V DC working voltage and with input polarity protection function.
4. The newest PWM control technology, delicate light performance, no flicker.
5.High power dimmer control MOS tube with stable and reliable performance, strong.power-drive ability with max. 18A of 3 channels.
6.Wireless RF control, free direction and long distance, more than 20m.
7. Multi-type memory functions for color, modes, speed, and brightness.
8.Smart appearance, standard input and output port, easy installation and high cost performance.